Golden Lotus Media | The Network
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GLM is More Than Just A Network.
It Is A Partnership With Each Of The Major Players
Our Affiliates, Networks, Merchants, and Advertisers

The Market

The Affiliate Marketing industry is poised to grow to an estimated $6.8 billion in scale, and with rapid changes in people understanding the power of affiliate marketing, within our life time it will surpass $10 billion easily. These are big numbers, a huge market and one inc hich we have an active pulse on with our network of experts positioned within all capacities of the industry to help you get started.

Why Affiliates Like You Choose GLM

Online Learning Platform

No matter if today is your first day hearing about affiliate marketing, or you have been through many courses. We think of ourselves as the stop in the journey in which you will either learn things properly from day one or fill in all the holes, but either way success is now around the corner. Our platform offers step by step instructions, over the screen learning and case studies with experts in various verticals, geo’s.

We are always updating and perfecting our education and handle each and everyone of our students with care.

  • Our affiliate managers are responsive and available.
  • We partner with the best advertisers and receive some of the highest paying offers industry wide.
  • We assist you more than just setting up a campaign, we increase your visibility and your posture from day 1.
  • Getting access to a network of some of best affiliate managers at top networks with our reputation.
  • We have exclusive advertising placement rights
  • Exclusive offers only available to you

  • We offer exclusive Weekly Affiliate Payments
  • Every Advertisers that is brought into our network is thoroughly inspected and tested for the highest quality campaigns
  • Offers that can easily scale and have high conversion rates and EPCs
  • We negotiate the best payout that are only available through GLM with other major networks

Why Networks Like You Choose GLM

  • We help you reactive the affiliates that are not making you money.
  • We focus on training, and have mastered the best process to get people from 0 to a respectful ROI.
  • We help you gain high quality traffic and go out of our way to make sure any publisher meets the highest requirements to quality.

Why Advertisers Like You Choose GLM

  • We help you launch your product to highest quality traffic and help you get customers that will buy from you again and again.
  • We help you with your merchant issues and connect you to the best high risk merchant providers in the industry through our relationships.
  • We have strong relationships with some of the best publishers within the industry.
  • We provide your company with transparency so you understand where the traffic is generally coming from and help you understand your market.
  • We protect your business from fraud.

Our #1 Goal

Is To Grow Your Business, Fast!

We understand what it takes to be a successful affiliate since we were once one of you.

We know it is not easy, so we help you every step of the way.

We have a top-notch business development and sales support team that are always looking to bring in the best offer out in the market.

We have offers that can easily scale, have high conversion rates and EPCs.

This plus our constant guidance lines you up for success.

Our Partners