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Cash in on your product and enjoy having the freedom to do the things you really love to do.

Getting started in e-commerce has been the latest trend. Everyone wants a store, everyone wants to make money. Even transitioning from Inventor to business owner can be overwhelming. It is very easy to get burned out by the long days dealing with fruitless marketing, weak sales, manufacturing problems, and the constant worry of not having enough money. Listen we understand, each step of the way theres something new to learn and someone trying to sell you a tool that you probably don’t need.

Smart inventors choose GLM’s Ecommerce Concierge to manage their product marketing, sales, manufacturing, and fulfillment for 3 reasons.

1.Zero Risk: You pay absolutely nothing upfront.

2. Zero Hassles: GLM manages the entire process for you. You can relax and receive the benefits of having created a great product without the hassles of taking it to market.

3. Guaranteed Income: Enjoy receiving income from every sale without the constant worry of having enough money to pay for marketing, payroll, overhead and manufacturing costs.

Imagine making money from your product while being able to dedicate your time to relaxing, enjoying time with your family, and doing the things you really love.

Click below to find out more and see if your product is the right fit for E-Commerce Concierge (ECC)


After you have funded your idea, who you partner will determine 2 things:

1.The success or failure of your product, and whether it makes it from development to distribution quickly, and with the fewest unexpected problems.

2.The quality of your life during this process. — Choose the right partner and you can still have free time to do other things, but choosing the wrong partner will rob you of all your free time, increase your costs and threaten your success.

GLM removes the risk of choosing the wrong partner because we manage the entire process from beginning to end. All you have to do is cash your checks and worry about how to spend the money.

Do I Qualify?


GLM is disrupting the marketing, manufacturing, and fulfilment process of breakthrough products. When it comes to service providers, we are always hunting for the best of the best. GLM places great value on relationships and welcomes you to contact us about the opportunity to become a partner in success.

If you are the experts in your field and have a passion for exceeding customer expectations then click the button below. We want to hear from you.

Some areas of business we partner with include Engineering, Design, Creative Services, Video Production, Distribution Partners, Third Party Logistics and Manufacturing.

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Globalization has effected each and everyone of us. Now that you may have decided to participate yourself and set up an online store, sourcing will be your next hurdle and China & India are 2 of the most common places where multinational corporations – to your start up entrepreneurs in your local town are heading to for their needs. However when it comes to dealing with these two countries, language barriers, and the understanding of how to deal with a smooth transaction is still an uphill battle. Allow our experts who speak the languages and have the relationships help you source your dream better.

Allow us to assist you in your e-commerce ambition online, we look forward to connecting with you.